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Gym Studio Membership Management


Gym Studio Membership Management creates editor buttons for embedding class calendar, schedule of classes, login area, chat, and membership checkout to a post or a page. From the “Membership Management” page you can also manage classes, instructors, members, real-time chats and memberships. Now includes an optional floating widget for all pages.

New Features:
* Connected plugin management dashboard to admin ios & android app. App link is included in the signup email.
* Now you can also manage the embed classes and schedules pages from the app.
* Updated calendar view for mobile devices

  • Support Multiple Accounts
  • Multiple daily timeslots for class listing
  • Invoicing and upcoming payments
  • Cash Payments and Reconcilation
  • New support for Gutenberg’s custom block for embedding schedule of classes, membership checkout (signups), login, and calendar.
  • New real-time Chat feature allowing members to sign up for membership through the chat (requires Stripe live)!
  • New color settings for icons & general css positionings
  • New Preloaded widget for performance improvements and enhancement

Major features in Gym Studio Membership Management include:
* Chat to your members and prospective members visiting your website
* Add a monthly class calendar along with class details to the frontend.
* Add a login area with member’s dashboard to your site for updating payment information.
* Add a schedule of classes to your website.
* When a member signs up a QR-barcode it is automatically generated for the member.
* Can add your own Cascading Style Sheet to override the style of the plugin.
* Automatically charge members by a selected timeframe and with a number of recurring payments.
* Track payments and unpaid members. See who has paid for what and their payment history.
* Communicate with iPhone and Android Apps for Member’s checkin.

  • New newsletter system to create, schedule, and assign newsletter blasts to your current members.
  • New Membership Invitation to help grow your online membership
  • New Promocode system set promo start date, end date, number of usage and discounts by percentage, sales price or discounted value.

PS: You’ll need a Fitsoft Plugin password for instruction to create one. It is free to signup and use; Transaction fee applies on a business or a commercial site.

Also if you find any bugs or request for us to add new features please email us at Please check welcome email for instruction and app download links.


  • screenshot-1.png Add membership management by clicking in the “Gym Studio Membership Management” section (Gutenberg editing).
  • screenshot-2.png Editor buttons for schedule of classes, calendar, login, and checkout
  • screenshot-3.png Control Panel of Membership Management
  • screenshot-4.png Example Wordpress site with “Schedule of Classes” in a post.
  • screenshot-5.png Member’s Area in Desktop View.
  • screenshot-6.png Login Area in Desktop View.
  • screenshot-7.jpg Member’s Area in Mobile View of sample Wordpress Site.
  • screenshot-8.jpg Edit Schedule in Mobile View.
  • screenshot-9.jpg Updated Class Schedule Calendar in Mobile View.
  • screenshot-10.jpg Member Info in Mobile View.
  • screenshot-11.jpg Member Listing in Mobile View.
  • screenshot-12.jpg Updated Class Listing Page in Mobile View.
  • screenshot-13.jpg Signup Page in Mobile View.
  • screenshot-14.jpg Login in Tablet View.
  • screenshot-15.jpg Calendar Schedule in Tablet View.
  • screenshot-16.jpg Signup page in Tablet View.
  • screenshot-17.jpg Class Listing in Tablet View.
  • screenshot-18.jpg Edit Schedule in Tablet View.
  • screenshot-19.jpg Member Listing in Tablet View.
  • screenshot-20.jpg Member Info in Tablet View.
  • screenshot-21.png Control Panel Calendar Print View.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Gym Studio Membership Management


Upload the “Gym Studio Membership Management” plugin to your blog, Activate it, then enter your Fitsoft Plugin Username & Password. You can find the username and password emailed to you after you have created the account and complete email confirmation.

1, 2, 3: You’re done! Enjoy!


Where can I find more information about this plugin?

Please go to More Plugin Info for more FAQ .

Does this plugin works with your app?

This plugin works with the gym membership app for iPhone and Droid. Your members can use the app to checkin.

I have added a login to my post but where is the member’s area?

You do not need to add in a member’s area. The login takes care of this. The login directs user to the member’s area. It will also be in the same post.

How wide should my post or page be for the calendar?

Although, the calendar supports mobile view it is your preference how wide to display your calendar. Both desktop view and mobile view display content differently and accordingly to the device screen’s width and height.

So keep in mind to give the post area enough room to display calendar information for desktop view.

Can I override the plugin CSS?

Yes, you can. You can change the color and styling of the plugin. Css override is in the Control Pane1.

Go to “Membership Management” -> Click “Control Panel” Button
-> Settings icon -> Scroll down to “CSS Override”

Why isn’t my password working?

Your username and password will not work if you did not receive a plugin email password. When creating your account you still need to go through the process of entering your domain name so we can setup your plugin credential.

Once it is finished the username and password is sent to your email address. Here is the step-by-step tutorial: More on Setup.

How do I add a calendar to my post or page?

Go to the post or page entry -> Click on “Visual” on the to right hand corner of your editor
-> Click on the calendar icon -> Click on “Preview Changes” button
-> You should see your calendar

Does this plugin work with barcode scanning?

Yes, it works with usb QR-barcode wedge scanner.

Members can find their barcode in the membership tab when they are logged into their account.

Does this plugin support Euro?


Currency Setting is where you change the content of your site. You can find it here in this tutorial: Content Wizard.

Which payment gateway is the plugin compatible with?

In the meantime this plugin only support Stripe. Stripe has no monthly payment. If Stripe is supported in your country and you wish to have your currency added to the plugin please email us at with the Subject Line: “Currency Addition”


Is there any monthly fee to run this plugin?

There is no monthly fee to use this plugin. But if you are planning to charge members then there is a credit card processing fee and service application fee that is applied to the charge.

For personal site it is free since we don’t expect there will be any credit card transaction made. But please feel free to give us your feedbacks for improvements.

The service application fee is processed automatically by Stripe and goes to our coffee run and hosting. If you would like to show your support we appreciate it. 🙂

How to set up HTTPS?

If you are planning to transact online then you should setup SSL on your website. The plugin shortcodes goes through SSL and you might also want to strengthen your website protection too by applying SSL to these pages or posts.

1.) You might want to use a SSL redirect for your site using htaccess:

2.) Or Install plugin:

There are several SSL provider out there and it is really inexpensive to secure your web pages. If you have any questions please let us know by emailing to use directly.

Will your apps work with this plugin?

Yes, all of our gym apps will work with this plugin. You can search for our Management App in the Microsoft Store and your member’s application in both the Android and Apple Stores under keyword search “Fitsoft”.

How do I enable testing?

You can test the website on your localhost. Once you are ready please go to the control panel -> click on “Setting” -> Go to “Plugin Test Mode” -> Select “No”.

This will lock your control panel to be only accessible by your website. If you made a mistake and lock youself out before going live feel free to contact us.

Are you going to have more features in the near future?

Yes, we are currently working on some new features. Please let us know what you need to see if we can accommodate this in later releases.

Can I offer refund to my members?

Yes, you can void a transaction in the control panel -> members -> Edit – > Go to list of transaction -> Click on a Transaction -> Void.

Can I charge the members for other things?

Yes, to add a charge -> members -> Edit – > Go to list of transaction -> “Add a new charge to a member” -> Product description & Product Description -> Charge.

There’s no application fee made for manual charges.


20. nov. 2020
Save me a lot of time. Up and running for my client class booking. Full payment system with invoicing and payment reconciliation. Great Customr Response. Recommend it.
11. nov. 2020 1 reply
You’re supposed to need a Stripe account (which doesn’t work worldwide) to even be able to test this thing. Documentation isn’t clear on the requirements. Waste of time.
25. juuni 2020 2 replies
No support No contact email No company details So, besides that, it is hopeless. Once you install it all the viewable content that you should be able to control pops up on every single page. Tried with multiple themes with no difference. It seems promoissing but turns out to be just one big disappointment.
13. nov. 2019 1 reply
Receivned SPAM messages through several of my sites promoting this plugin. All un-solicted, and all automated pushing this for sites that are completely unrelated. Any plugin that uses those methods is not worth the time to try out.
23. sept. 2019
Great plugin and great support. They are fast to answer and very helpful. This plugin solved problems that I just couldn’t solve any other way. I am a volunteer for a non profit beach volleyball association in Sydney Australia. The team at Fitsoft have gone over and above in helping us to get it set up so it can work for our particular situation. They have been incredibly generous with their non profit rates and also with their support and help. As a gym membership plugin, it has everything you could need and the team are more than happy to help you to get it set up! Thanks Fitsoft!
1. veebr. 2018
Today I saw some new features. Thanks for implementing some of my suggestions for free. The other guys took more than 6 months to see any updates and not what I ask for.
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Contributors & Developers

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Release Date – 04 December 2019

  • Minor Update to js placement


Release Date – 14 November 2019

  • Update remote call to use WP function


Release Date – 13 November 2019

  • Updated cert file


Release Date – 27 February 2019

  • Added Gutenberg’s custom block support for plugin.


Release Date – 23 February 2019

  • Added Custom Real-Time Chat
  • Added Color Settings for Icons
  • Added General height and margin positionings of hover menu
  • Added Option to set Visibility of each elements
  • Text editing for hover menu’s text
  • Rewrote how widget is loaded for widget loading improvements


Release Date – 25 February 2016

  • Setting update
  • Update to use Curl as default url reader
  • Curl update to use ssl checking
  • Check to see if user has fopen or curl enabled on server


Release Date – 22 February 2016

  • Added New Promocode System
  • Added Newsletter System for dashboard
  • Added Member Invitation for dashboard
  • Added floating widget for all pages


Release Date – 15 September 2015

  • Added editor buttons for shortcodes