SmartVideo – Video Player and CDN


Video player and unlimited video hosting built to work for WordPress users

Why use this video player plugin?

A Way To:

  • Add Video to your site in seconds
  • Improve PageSpeed Scores. Optimized to ensure faster page loading than typical embeds
  • Speed Up Video Load Times. In fact, SmartVideo is 12 times faster than YouTube.
  • Give visitors Buffer-Free Playback.
  • Convert your YouTube & Vimeo Embeds with zero work on your part. (Don’t use YouTube? No problem.)
  • Add Branding and your color scheme to videos.
  • Beautiful video widgets for Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, and Divi
  • Give visitors what you want to give them. No traffic leaks or “Recommended Videos”.
  • Use Our Global Delivery Network, where we are serving the fastest streams anywhere on the planet
  • Professionally Encode every video without thought.
  • Use the most responsive player that optimizes for all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Make Money with our ad network integration – easily add your VAST Ad URL to start making money on your content

Here are some things you can do with SmartVideo:

  • Add a poster image
  • Make a video autoplay
  • Speed up a background video
  • Make a video loop
  • Turn controls on or off
  • Prevent browsers from forcing full-screen playback
  • And much, much more…

SmartVideo is for users that:

  • Need fast, clean video for WordPress
  • Want a WordPress video plugin that does all the heavy lifting
  • Need WordPress video hosting that won’t break the bank
  • Need a WordPress YouTube plugin that converts embeds automatically
  • Are tired of slow WordPress video load speeds affecting their site

Additional Info

It’s now easier than ever to get professional, fast videos on your site! Our SmartVideo plugin enables easy video player insertion, giving you total control of your videos in an effortless tool. The plugin also provides widgets compatible with the standard WordPress editor, Beaver Builder, Elementor, and KingComposer. Let us know what you think!

Tired of your brand being overshadowed by YouTube’s on your own site? Eliminate unwanted overlays, watermarks and recommended videos that distract visitors from your content and leak traffic. Graduate in just a few minutes.

SmartVideo gives your visitors clean, accelerated, professional playback that loads fast and won’t bog your site down. Capture your visitors’ attention and generate more clients, leads, bookings, or sales.

With SmartVideo, WordPress users can create clean, fast, professional video experiences in a matter of minutes. SmartVideo is cross-platform and supports all video files. It’s built on open source technology enhanced with proprietary streaming EdgeAI. It optimizes audio and video for both desktop and mobile. After installing the plugin and running through a brief setup, everything just works––automatically!

SmartVideo is for site owners that want super fast, Netflix-level video load speeds and quality, but can’t spend the time and effort needed to integrate with players, encoding services, and CDN’s. Don’t weigh your site down with ordinary players.

At Swarmify, we believe that adding video to your website should be as easy as adding an image. Simply install our plugin, and boom, we optimize your videos for the highest quality. All video and audio playback works seamlessly. Your users can watch crystal-clear videos with no slowdowns or buffering.

There’s no encoding, no API, no uploading, no choosing bitrates, and no programmer required. It’s the video experience WordPress users have always deserved.

Of course, behind the scenes, our software handles all the Internet complexities so you don’t have to. SmartVideo works to provide 8x less buffering, stall-outs and pixelated playbacks than competing video players, and keeps the quality sharp and clear. And if you already have YouTube embeds on your site, the SmartVideo plugin will auto-convert all YouTube embeds to our clean, fast SmartVideo technology. No work needed on your end.

Install SmartVideo and start free today!

Video formats supported: MP4, M3U8, HLS, MPEG-DASH, WEBM, and VP 8/9 file formats.

Audio formats supported: MP3, AAC, OPUS


  • Introduction
  • Automagically convert YouTube
  • Plugin settings dashboard
  • Add your account key
  • Set up the plugin options


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

SmartVideo - Video Player and CDN


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/SmartVideo directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Use the Settings->SmartVideo screen to configure the plugin.
  4. You will need to sign up for an account at Swarmify.


24. sept. 2020
You need to immediately write that the plugin is paid! Don't be fooled by forcing users to install!
10. mai 2020
Installing the CDN plugin is a breeze and the speed is comparable really to a top quality service. If you want to have a proper video set up for courses or video on your site with a different video player and a great speed look no further. The only side note which i recommend to users is : READ HOW IT WORKS. you must host the video, and have clear how it works. Once you set it and you got it right it's amazing. If you have some issue or question open a ticket, they're fast and reply in a professional and problem solving oriented way.
4. märts 2020
No buffering is the biggest reason to get SmartVideo but wait there are a plethora of features included with this thing... like Unlimited bandwidth & storage, Unlimited encoding, Real-time analytics, Video acceleration (Instant start + stall prevention), S3/Wasabi/Google Drive/Dropbox/PCloud file sourcing, Automated YouTube and Vimeo conversions or just plain MP4 uploads from your stash (that you were afraid to upload to YouTube)... WOW the features are not just talk they actually deliver on what's printed on the tin! Great work guys and thanks for allowing access to this fantastic tool!
27. veebr. 2020
After using Swarmify we are incredibly annoyed. But only because of our mistake of not having used Swarmify before. Super fast video player and CDN!
23. sept. 2019
You can't imagine how fantastic job Smartvideo can perform expediting the video load speed on your website. You can embed Youtube, Vimeo, self-hosted or other videos directly using their plugin that supports Divi builder, Elementor, Beaver Builder and Gutenberg page builders. Try it yourself and love it 🙂
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Contributors & Developers

“SmartVideo – Video Player and CDN” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Now you see me, now you don’t
    • Sometimes it’s fun to revert to our inner child and play games like hide & seek. Try it, we’ll wait. You really needed that, right? While games are good for humans, it’s not good for our Gutenberg block editor to play hide & seek with your block attributes. Naughty code was hiding the URL you set when you specified direct video URL’s in our SmartVideo block. Don’t worry we had a talk with the code, and it will never hide this data again. Also, rest assured everything is in there from previous blocks you have inserted, it was just…..hidden.
    • Gutenberg block editor was not showing the URL’s you previously set for videos when you chose the “Another source” option. This has been fixed.


  • Crouching tiger, hidden classic
    • Fixed issue with SmartVideo Classic widget where you would click to specify a YouTube video and the popup to enter it would never show up
    • For those without that problem, well now is a great time to turn on automatic updates for our plugin if you have the new WordPress 5.5 release. That way if a future update fixes a problem you have, then it gets installed automatically. Like robots, but in the cloud…
    • Adjusted for deprecated jquery functionality


  • Tested for the fresh WordPress release coming soon … WP 5.5 Codename: WFH — Stay Safe & Sane
    • Updated testing for the latest WordPress builds so you can confidently install and get your video on
    • Disclaimer: Not responsible for overconfidence or lack there of in the actual videos. That part is up to you. We believe in you though!!!


  • Trimming down for speed
    • Fixed a bug causing extra stylesheets to get included in frontend output. I mean we’re stylish, but no need for excess styling!


  • Pro lovin, for our Pro Customers
    • All of the Swarmlings: Moved lesser used options to a collapsed Advanced Options panel because everyone likes a tidy settings page, right?
    • Pro Customers: Configure a watermark for your video. It can be your logo, your friends logo, or even a disco dancing dog gif if that’s your style
    • Pro Customers: Looking to level up your YouTube revenue and take control of your own ads. Well we made that simple with our javascript snippet, but who wants to figure out that gobbledy gook. You are using our WordPress plugin to simplify, and now you can configure your ad platform URL directly in the plugin.


  • Sometimes you need MOAR POWER
    • You can now statically configure the Swarmify CDN key in advance from your ‘wp-config.php’ file. Just define the constant SWARMIFY_CDN_KEY and set it to your key. Config->Done
    • Elementor Pro giving you heartburn when used with our widget, antacid has arrived. We worked out an issue causing Elementor Pro’s form widget to run itself out of memory.


  • WordPress host wants you to upload slower, fine we can make that happen
    • Added a toggle in the settings to disable our upload acceleration if your WordPress host has issues with it.
    • We wish they would just adjust on their side, but we can be flexible so now you can turn this off in the settings if its giving your web host heartburn 😉


  • Watch video faster for those who enjoy chipmunk voices
    • Why would you want the video to play at 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x speeds? Well because you were a fan of those Chipmunk albums where you could listen to popular music sung in a high squeaky voice.
    • Or it may just be your customers enjoy watching at differing paces. That must be the reason because nobody likes chipmunks, right? Alvin, alvin, ALVIN?
    • All SmartVideo players now allow viewers to change the playback speed to suit their preferences.


  • Too much speed!!!
    • Some hosts weren’t ready for maximum upload acceleration so they put on the brakes and prevented media file uploads. Now we detect these slowpokes and kindly slow down from insanely fast to somewhat crazy fast upload speeds.
    • If you were having trouble with uploads after previous update, that should be fixed now 😉


  • Closed minded no more
    • Display closed captions on all YouTube source videos… Or don’t. It’s up to you with a new plugin setting that enables imported captions from your YouTube videos to be shown at the click of a button. (Don’t worry, manual closed caption config is coming soon……)
    • Accelerate your video uploads with new faster, better, stronger video uploading behind the scenes. Uploading videos to use in your WordPress media library will be faster and smoother than ever


  • Elementary my dear Beaver
    • Quoting for the SmartVideo widget in Elementor and Beaver Builder was not so smart. But we educated it and all of your quoting issues have been resolved.


  • Oldie but goodie
    • Fixed a bug causing WordPress versions < 4.9 to have issues with our plugin. We’re sorry Classic, you are still loved!


  • Hex a Gone?: Some users have a dislike for 6 sided polygons. We are partial to them ourselves, but realize everyone has the right to the basics of life, liberty, and choice of play button shapes.
  • Change play button shapes:
    • Hexagon – Our personal favorite
    • Circle – For those inclined to a single side
    • Rectangle – Do you like 4 sides and the golden ratio, then this is for you!


  • Divi’ded we fall: If your theme colors weren’t working properly in Divi, they are now!


  • Vime ‘ode to our customers: It would be really neat if this could autoconvert all Vimeo videos like it does for YouTube, you said. Well maybe not you, but some people said this. And our answer, done! Our global autoconvert toggle now handles converting Vimeo and YouTube videos throughout your site. All without needing to get your hands dirty with any pesky template editing.


  • Classic is still cool: Fixed a bug with our Classic Editor widget where the edit window wouldn’t close when you clicked “Insert into Post”. That wasn’t very awesome at all. So we fixed it, and now our classic widget is 20% cooler.
  • Fixed some minor casing inconsistencies so that we can be more consistent 🙂


  • Codename: Van Gogh
    • All of the pretty native widgets you want
    • Less of those pesky ears!!
    • You wanted modern native widgets for all your favorite page builders, and we are here to deliver.
  • Native widgets for:
    • Gutenberg – For when blocks are your thing
    • Divi Builder – Fancy style, drag and drop, and now the world’s fastest video
    • Elementor – Adding the best video is now elemental my dear Watson
    • Beaver Builder – Chuck slow wooden, video players out the window. And upgrade your video to the player that will make you say dam
  • Automatic Vimeo Import – All widgets allow for simple import of your legacy Vimeo content. This is of course in addition to our existing support for YouTube, Amazon S3, Media Library, and more!!
  • Easier to find Settings Panel – If you ever forgot where to configure your account, we feel you. We always lost track of where the settings were at. No more searching in menus for settings. Now it’s front and center in your WordPress Admin


  • Awesome Color Picker for video player color customization now in settings


  • Significantly increased Lighthouse & Pagespeed scores with our enhanced embed engine
  • Extreme Video Theme Optimization – Automatically optimize and accelerate your theme’s background videos. Never face slow loading video again


Bug fixes


Adds widgets for standard WP editor, Beaver Builder, Elementor, and KingComposer


Moves scripts from body to head


Minor link updates


Initial version