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Presenting your trustworthiness on your shop is possible with our innovative tools. You can show them at a glance, what will lead to increase your sales. The tools are specifically designed for showing trust without customers having to leave your shop.

Send review invitations automatically

Our integrations allow you to invite your customer automatically for leaving a review. You can decide whenever you want these invitations to go out. How easy is that?

Show your review rating on your webshop

With this plugin our sidebar shows your combined rating directly on your shop. Meaning your webshop visitor does not have to leave your shop to see the collected reviews! Other presentation items you can add to your webshop using html code.

Earn trust badges to show more trust!

Trustprofile rewards good entrepreneurs. Are you a good entrepreneur? Show you are reliable by using our trustbadges. Verify your webshops identity with our automatic checks and connect your existing trust sources to unlock all our trust badges. Will your webshop earn them all?

Present your trust label on your shop!

Trustprofile is the official software partner of several online trustmarks. With our software you can present your trustmark perfectly on your website. There is a sidebar and various banners available for the trustmarks. They are at the moment:
Germany: EHI Geprüfter Online – Shop
Netherlands: WebwinkelKeur
Belgium: Becom
Croatia: eCommerce Hrvatska

Fake reviews

Several controls are in place to prevent fake reviews. What checks do we use? Sorry, that’s our little secret! Every day we aim to upgrade our security systems in order to guarantee the authenticity of reviews.

A trust profile should be affordable to all shops
Claim your Trustprofile, present our widgets at your webshop and manage the reviews you will recieve.
We offer 3 paid plans which are invoiced every year. All of these plans are very affordable and flexible. Check out our plans at:

Register at:

To make use of our product reviews feature we will need authorization to gather some of your product data.
Our system needs this data to properly assign the written review to the right product.


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  • Trustprofile member page on mobile phone
  • Trustprofile badges on mobile phone
  • Trustprofile member page on desktop
  • Sidebar hovered
  • Trustprofile review widget
  • Trustprofile badges
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  • Trustprofile on different devices


20. dets. 2023
Very good platform! Easy to use, very intuitive, and comprehensive for generating and collecting reviews. Personalized assistance and quick responses in case of any doubts.
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Contributors & Developers

“Trustprofile and reviews for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.35 – 2024-05-15

  • WPML compatibility: fix duplicate review sync.

3.34 – 2024-03-20

  • WPML compatibility: retrieve product data based on order language.

3.33 – 2024-01-23

  • Support review sync in multisite setup.

3.32 – 2023-12-11

  • Save reviews in the parent product of a variation, if available.

3.31 – 2023-11-23

  • Fix product image for variations that don’t have their own image.

3.30 – 2023-11-10

  • Use product variation if available for synchronizing products.

3.29 – 2023-10-30

  • Silence PSR-0 deprecation warnings for Requests class.

3.28 – 2023-08-16

  • Fix passing null to strtotime.

3.27 – 2023-08-09

  • Fix default option selection on settings page.
  • Make wpml_language order meta update compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage.
  • Remove pointless wp_meta hook.
  • Reorder invitation options on settings page.

3.26 – 2023-07-10

  • Improve error handling for product review sync.
  • Don’t trigger product review sync when submitting settings form with enter key.
  • Improve nonce handling.

3.25 – 2023-06-29

  • Prevent settings updates through cross-site request forgery.

3.24 – 2023-06-26

  • Fix default invite option.
  • Improve option labels.

3.23 – 2023-06-12

  • Use order_number instead of order_id.

3.22 – 2023-06-05

  • Fix issue with missing is_wc_endpoint_url function.

3.21 – 2023-06-02

  • Add support for requesting consent before sending invitation.

3.20 – 2023-04-05

  • Bump Tested up to to WordPress 6.2.

3.19 – 2022-02-23

  • Bump Tested up to to WordPress 6.1.1.

3.18 – 2022-06-27

  • Automatically create invitation errors table if it does not exist.

3.17 – 2022-04-07

  • Use website language for rich snippet.

3.16 – 2022-02-04

  • Handle disappearing transient timeouts.

3.15 – 2021-09-14

  • Rename to

3.14 – 2021-09-08

  • Use get_billing_email method instead of _billing_email property to avoid a PHP warning.

3.13 – 2021-07-19

  • Bump Tested up to to WordPress 5.8.

3.12 – 2021-07-13

  • Clear WooCommerce review cache after inserting a new product review.

3.11 – 2021-06-30

  • Retrieve possible GTIN meta keys, attributes in an asynchronous request.

3.10 – 2021-05-25

  • Fix usage of undefined DEFAULT_ORDER_STATUS constant.

3.9 – 2021-04-13

  • Fix the GTIN field on the product page which is added if no field provided by
    another plugin is selected.

3.8 – 2021-03-31

  • Add missing template file to make manual product sync show its status again.

3.7 – 2021-03-31

  • Bump tested WordPress version to 5.7.

3.6 – 2021-03-31

  • Fix product review sync when settings form has not been saved since this functionality was added.
  • Add button to sync all product reviews manually.
  • Show error messages when manual product sync fails.

3.5 – 2021-03-22

  • Allow overriding the sidebar template by creating webwinkelkeur/sidebar.php in your theme.

3.4 – 2021-01-27

  • Support GTINs stored via Yoast SEO.

3.3 – 2021-01-13

  • Add notice about product reviews feature.
  • Make sure product review scheduled task is registered on every load.

3.2 – 2020-12-15

  • Add sample values to GTIN meta/attribute selector.
  • Add button for manually syncing product reviews.

3.1 – 2020-12-10

  • Fix undefined function error when the woocommerce-product-feeds plugin is installed but the woocommerce_gpf_show_element function does not exist.

3.0 – 2020-12-07

  • Allow order status selection for invites.
  • Add product reviews.
  • Require PHP 7.0.

2.4 – 2020-11-24

  • Fix disabling JavaScript integration. Previously, the setting wasn’t saved.
  • Fix setting invitations to “Yes, after a customer’s first order.”. This setting was converted to “Yes, after every order.” silently before.

2.3 – 2020-11-24

  • Bump Tested up to to WordPress 5.6.


  • Use new sidebar load method so only one request is needed.


  • Bump Tested up to to WordPress 5.5.


  • Release TrustProfile integration.


  • Set wpml_language on orders, in case WooCommerce Multilingual plugin is missing.
  • Bump WordPress, WooCommerce version compatibility.


  • Add [webwinkelkeur_rich_snippet] shortcode.


  • Add webwinkelkeur_request_invitation hook.
  • Only request invitations for orders with type shop_order.


  • Restore error silencing when invoking get_data.


  • Fix fatal error when order contains incomplete unserialized objects.


  • Bump WordPress compatibility to 5.2.


  • Check required parameters before calling get_data().


  • Log rich snippet errors to the developer console.


  • Update changelog.


  • Bump WordPress, WooCommerce compatibility.
  • Fix error messages.


  • Fix compatibility with some plug-ins that mess up get_data().


  • Require PHP 5.6


  • Note required PHP version.


  • Send order totals.
  • Fix phones sending


  • Use new WebwinkelKeur API.
  • Add sending additional order information feature


  • Do not send interface language to WebwinkelKeur API.


  • Add this changelog.
  • Use order number for invitations, not order ID. (This is usually the same.)


  • If using WPML, use the customer’s language for the invitation.
  • Move the plugin menu item from “Plugins” to “Settings”.